Every woman wants to be happy and feel perfect in any situation. To do this, you need to take care of your health every day and take care of your body. We must not forget about the legs: systematic pedicure helps to relieve fatigue and the formation of a light gait. In this case, the procedure is available both at home and in specialized offices.


Pedicure is a set of practical measures for the care of nails and skin of the feet, including:

removal of calluses, corns, keratinized skin;
cleaning the nail plate;
treatment of heel cracks;
filing nails, giving them a beautiful shape;
the removal of cuticles;
correction of ingrown nails;
lengthening of the nail bed;
application of coating on nails;
treatment the soles of the feet with the use of peels, masks, foot baths;
applying moisturizers and emollients;
acupressure of the feet.
This type of care not only gives the toenails a neat aesthetic appearance. It should be done less often than a manicure-just once every 2-3 months.

How to cut your toenails Toenails are quite thick, the skin on the plate is "stretched" tightly, so to cut them without negative consequences, you need to follow the algorithm: To prepare in advance supplies: manicure scissors or clippers, a nail file, a towel, soap and a basin of warm water. All tools must be clean and disinfected. In a container with water and dissolved soap, lower your feet, let them steam for 5-10 minutes (depending on the condition of the skin).

Dry your feet with a towel.  Trim the plates in a straight line from edge to edge, without rounding the sides, otherwise the likelihood of ingrowing of the nail increases. Under the root can not be cut, you need to leave the edge of about 1 mm. Trim the edges of the plate with a saw, if desired, treat the feet with a moisturizer.

Varieties of pedicure
There are several varieties of pedicure, different ways of processing nails, cuticles and feet, as well as tools used during the procedure. Each woman, based on their own preferences, determines which type suits her best. Also, a specialist, assessing the condition of the legs, can recommend a particular service.


Classic pedicure
One of the most popular ways to take care of the health and beauty of the feet – a classic pedicure, it is also called edging. It does not require the use of a special set of tools and is always done after careful steaming of the legs.


How to do a classic pedicure:
the feet are lowered into a bath with warm water, in which soap or salt has been previously dissolved (if there are no problems with the skin condition), citric acid (if the plates require bleaching), salicylic acid (for more intensive softening), herbal decoctions (to soothe the skin and speed up the healing of wounds and scratches);
with a scraper, pumice, a special file for grinding different degrees of hardness is removed dead skin, corns;
cuticles are cut off with pliers, plates are given the desired shape.

Hardware pedicure
Pedicure, made by the device, allows you to permanently fix the result. It belongs to the " dry " types of foot treatment, as it does not require pre-steaming. The procedure is performed by a machine with a large number of nozzles, cutters and caps. The master himself selects the right tool, based on the state of the legs.

The essence of the procedure – using a device with a nozzle that rotates at a speed of up to 50 thousand revolutions per minute, painlessly rid the foot of rough skin. Cuticles are treated on the same principle without previous softening.


The advantages of a hardware pedicure:

injuries and cuts are minimized;

speed of carrying out;

Troubleshooting issues that are not available in the classic procedure;

lasting effect up to 4 weeks.

Cons of hardware pedicure:

if the treatment is performed by an incompetent master, it can cause serious damage to the skin;

relatively high price;

unpleasant burning sensation in people with sensitive skin and a thin nail plate.

European pedicure
Foot care according to the European method involves the use of the latest achievements in the field of cosmetology. Cuticles are treated with a composition that dissolves them for 10-15 minutes. Subsequently, they will not be so hard, the tool helps to soften them for a long period of time. The essence of the procedure is that the master applies a special gel to the cuticles and corns, allowing them to soften. Then he uses an orange pusher to push the skin away, revealing the nail bed. For foot treatment, graters and grinders are used.


Japanese pedicure
The Japanese way of caring for the skin of the feet is to use a variety of natural remedies at each stage of the procedure. Its essence can be traced in the ongoing stages:

Antiseptic treatment.
Applying a scrub, rubbing with pumice.
Applying cucumber extract to the cuticles, massage each finger.
Polishing the nail plate.
Rubbing the  solution into the nail.
Treatment of each nail with wax and paraffin.
Coating the skin of the fingers with scented oil.
Massage the entire foot with a special silk bag with salt and herbs.

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